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Lolo Manso, president, and owner of Socarrat Restaurants, some of the best Spanish restaurants in NYC, wanted to share with New Yorkers a unique, communal, dining experience and chose the most exquisite and popular foods of Spain: paellas and tapas. In 2008, Socarrat Paella Bar opened its first location in Chelsea. At this rustic yet hip, stylish and vibrant restaurant, guests sit at communal tables, with a menu that boasts a wide selection of tapas, paellas, sangria and an extensive selection of wines from the regions of Spain.

Paella is meant to bring people together. The dish is intended to be shared, whether a party of two or twenty. From the Valencia region of Spain, Paella was first created to be a filling and nutritious meal for rice field workers and nowadays it´s served in each of its varieties as a luxury dish, highlighting ingredients like lobster, calamari, short ribs and more.

"Socarrat" is the crispy rice that forms on the bottom and sides of the pan that is considered a delicacy in Spain. In other words, "Socarrat" is the result of a paella cooked to perfection, something we consistently deliver to our guests.

Tapas originate from 17 regions of Spain. They are small plates that consist of a variety of hot and cold dishes meant as snacks, appetizers, or can be made into main courses. With the success of Socarrat Paella Bar Chelsea, Lolo opened its second location in Nolita in 2010 and its third location in Midtown East in 2012.

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